Thursday, June 19, 2014

Out-of-town shopping and my quirky family

The are times when I wonder if my family is normal...Like when I need something to drive and have to go borrow our truck from the next door neighbor who has been borrowing it for about a month. He wasn't home, so I hoped that he wouldn't get home and think that it had been stolen (only to come ask us and see that we weren't home either). Anyway, when I got back from running my little errands, he had arrived home and was outside talking on the phone. I awkwardly called "Uhh, I'll leave a note next time. I just had to borrow it for a minute. Thank you!" Yeah. I played it cool, right?

But that's not even what today's post was about. It was about me visiting Florida and happening upon a flea market on our way home--somewhere in Alabama.

This was by far one of the coolest things I saw. It's a lil baby stroller. I believe it said 1920s. Anyone know?
Then there was this chair. I loved it, but couldn't afford it. I had all kinds of ideas for how I would revamp it though. 

It should be obvious why this space went right by the door. It just beckoned me in. I love the show flea market flip and would love to be on it.

What are your favorite places to shop when you're out of town? 


  1. My kind of shopping Lizzi. I always try to find a thrift store when we go out of town. So many treasures waiting to be found.

  2. Love Flea Mkt. Flip too. Totally in love with Junk Gypsies - 2 junkin' sisters, remake everything in sight. On Thur. nights - GAC network shows episodes all night. I DVR it.

  3. I love second hand shops. Sadly hubby does not, but if I can find him a hifi shop to hang out in he's ok!


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