Friday, June 13, 2014

Park day with Mikey

I went to the park with my nephew-and sisters-earlier this week. The pictures were too cute not to share (though I will request that YOU don't share them.) He is 2 years old and quite the adventurous, active, and intelligent little one.
First, he decided to draw. On the pavement. When it was time to leave.

As soon as we ate, he was ready to go. He started off on the baby slides.

Then he wanted to conquer this one

Of course auntie was waiting at the bottom in case anything went awry. 

Then the shaky bridge...
All too soon he was told he needed a diaper change and a nap, but first, one more picture!
What do you like doing with the adorable little ones you get to spend time with?


  1. I love seeing this little guy growing up and enjoying life. The park is always a hit with little ones.

    1. Sometimes when I'm having a bad day I go "I have to see Mikey". lol

  2. They're all growing so fast. Mikey and the little sisters. If they'd slow down a little, I could catch up.

    1. Rita, it's been so long since they were little it seems like.

  3. He's so cute and such a big boy now

  4. What a cutie, looks like the fun day!

    Sorry about the deleted post. Was typing too fast and misspelled. :)


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