Saturday, June 14, 2014

Simple Saturday-Flower Planter

On the few relaxing days my mom has, she loves to play around in the dirt outside. This week I caught her cutting up burlap (sack race) bags up and using them as a vessel for some lovely flowers. She won this adorable planter at a ladies event she went to, but was when it came to keeping the dirt in. 

Doesn't it look great? 


  1. Yes it looks fab. Post an after pic once the petunias have grown and done their thing!

  2. So cute, Lizzi. I have one of those too. I keep an asparagus fern in it in the winter time - indoors. Joann Fabrics sells the liners for those wire basket type of planters. They're made of some sort of straw type material. The birds love them and keep stealing the straw to make nests.
    Yes, I want to see that basketfull when it grows up a bit.


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