Monday, August 18, 2014

Lane Orchard Farms-and peach cobbler

Early this week we (my family and I) went to Lane Southern Orchards in south Georgia. For future reference, I think perhaps they should consider moving the sign so that it doesn't directly face the beaming sun. Dad was on the phone (lol) so he missed that we were all stopping and taking pics. 




Am I the only one that is inspired by going on "field trips"? Lane Southern Orchards is advertised as a working farm. Perhaps because of the time of year and day we were there, we didn't see anyone out picking peaches or anything, but we did see beautiful rows and rows of peach trees and pecan trees. When you first walk in the doors, you're in a lobby, and to your left is a gift shop. Straight ahead is a little grocery store, but more novelty. They had old-fashioned style canned items, lots of preserves, bread mixes from old recipes and fresh fruit. In the back, is the area where they box things to send to other locations. The tour wasn't on the day that we were there though *sad face*. Since I was so hungry, I'm ashamed to say I was most interested in the restaurant over to the right. I practically ran in, and I ordered a big bacon burger. It was pretty huge, and hurt my jawbones lol. The potato chips that came with it weren't salty enough for me, but I'm a salt addict, and otherwise they were pretty tasty. 
After eating that (and sharing much of it with mom and dad), I wanted some ice cream and cobbler. They serve peach cobbler, apple cobbler, and bread pudding there as well as about five flavors of iced cream and cookies. I bought some a la mode. was heaven. They knew what they were doing by not having this place anywhere near my home! It was delish! The hot peach cobbler (crumble top) made the butter pecan ice cream just melt and start pooling in the bottom. The ice cream was super creamy and buttery. Take me back! It was clear that they wanted you to enjoy the country feel of the place. There were rocking chairs and benches outside where we enjoyed our sweet treats. 
Where do you like to go for a day away?


  1. I'm big on day trips. There's a bus tour company near us that does some lovely tours. I've been to Toronto to the needlework convention and cirque d' sole, to various lakes in our finger lakes region. I take some my car too. My friends and I call those "girlz days"

  2. The dessert looks wonderful

    I'll go anywhere that I possibly can - thinking of a trip down Sth to Victoria next hols

    1. I'm tempted to drive the distance to have it again!


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