Monday, September 22, 2014

Ahoy Mateys! Care for a donut?

Ahoy mateys! According to me sources, September 19th is International talk like a pirate day! Me thinks it high time ye old landlubbers spoke the language of the sea farin' scoundrels!

Okay, so I'm not entirely sure I'm good at this pirate talkin, but I do know that we had a good ol' time interpreting "pirate-wear" from what we had at the house! Above are two younger sisters, and a homeschooling friend of theirs. Krispy Kreme had a promotion on this special day that required you to speak like a pirate for one free donut, or to dress like one for a free dozen.

This young one looked more like a gypsy from the old story books every time I saw her. She found an old scarf for her head, kept on her school uniform white shirt, added a necklace, a knitted shawl around her waist over a tiered skirt, and black boots "completed" her look. 

This one looked like a crewma--woman for sure! A real rip-roaring time was sure to be had on any ship she sailed with. She stole my one hoop earring idea, but seeing as how she had a knife, I didn't dare dispute the originality of that idea. She wore a white button down, black vest, black boots, gold bracelet, and baggy breeches fit for the jobs she said she did: scrubbing the deck.

I don't even know how to explain...To me she looks like a friendly thug cowgirl with a knife, but I know she tried. She wore a large white button-down shirt, a bandanna around her head, a few belts, a bracelet, and some boots. Fear not, she wouldn't hurt a fly and doesn't guard the ships treasures. 

A pink polka dot square of fabric served as my scarf, a piece of felt stitched into a cone shape for my eye patch, my dads shirt, several necklaces and rings of mine, a leather belt, a vest I had already, an earring hooked into my hair, and one "gold" earring. On my feet were brown sandals worn with my dad's socks that had holes in them. I was going for a "cute underneath the grime" type of pirate. I used black eye shadow dusted on my face for grime lol. I will be honest and say I LOVED doing this. I was so in character that it felt awkward that the cashiers didn't immediately speak "pirate" to me!

No one was hurt in the writing of this blog, knives nor weapons of any kind were allowed in Krispy Kreme and were only in use for pictures and lunch.


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