Monday, September 8, 2014

Ladies meetings, self defense, and flying carpets

Saturday I attended a ladies meeting with some friends at People's Baptist Church of Mcdonough; it was a phenomenal experience. I'm sure you ladies that attend events like this can agree that not every ladies meeting is really good through and through, but I look forward to attending this one every year! This year the theme was A Whole New World, and-like the last few years-it was a theme based on a Disney princess. As it turned out, Princess Jasmine had many things to teach us! 
The main speaker was a lady named Tam Bowman. Each of the sessions she taught had real-world applications, but my favorite was when she spoke on Ruth and reminded us not to settle for anything but God's complete will for our lives. For the very last session she taught, she spoke on hormone imbalances. This is a topic close to my heart (obviously) because I was diagnosed with it (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). I remember how suddenly I was reading everything I could get my hands on, and seeing that several friends likely had it but didn't know. As women, we're so used putting our own health problems/bodies after everyone elses, but that's so not cool. Mrs. Bowman told her story, listed symptoms, and suggested those that had these symptoms get their hormones checked. The whole thing was done in such a caring and sweet way that no one felt uncomfortable at all. 
One of the highlights of the meeting, was when the rest of the Bowman family (her husband and two sons) gave tips on self-defense and even gave a few demonstrations! While the whole family practices Krav Maga, a fighting style originating in Israel, her oldest son is the youngest instructor in the world and gave us some quick tips. My favorite tips were: if someone is in your comfort zone you will feel it in two places, your neck and your stomach, and "listen to your gut" telling you when something is off. Mr. Bowman gave us some scary statistics on abductions before the demo, but instead of rehashing everything he said, I would LOVE for you and your kids to watch these videos below. Try your best to ignore my comments, I really do narrate whenever I'm interested in something lol. 
This first video, he intro'd by saying that women fear having their hair pulled, and that while it's a rational fear, you need to be able to strike back when it happens.

This is one starts out talking about a child abduction and then ends out with good tips for ladies. 

So...I think you'll agree that it was a day well-spent! I wonder if I can send my request in early for next year's princess: Mulan!



  1. I'm so glad this was such a positive experience for you! I've such good experiences at several women's meetings I've attended... God always speaks!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I passed by a Krav Maga in Duluth. I didn't know it originated from Israel.

  3. When God's girls get together, it's always a good time.


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