Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#4. The scariest thing about being single

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4)      Your biggest fear as a single person.
The main part of this challenge is to be real with the answers...Which means I have to dig deep. This isn't something that I really think about. No one wants to focus on their fears, where's the fun in that? 
At first I thought my biggest fear was never getting married and having kids, but I think my real fear is that I won't be happy with wherever my life leads. I know a few people who never got married and are really content; I know more people who (especially right around my age) started becoming desperate to get married or at least be in a relationship. We generally live the first fifteen years of our lives single, so why the fear that we'll never have something we were born without? 

To clarify, I believe that dreaming of the fairy tale "happily ever after" is a good thing, and even a God-given desire-as long as it doesn't become the only desire. I definitely have that desire, and would love to have all the fun I have now doubled by having someone to share it with; however, I don't want my main goal to be something I have no control over. I refuse to get married just in case I won't find happiness alone. I sometimes feel like I'm a strange specimen for being happy the majority of the time without a man. I have so many things to keep me busy, inspired, and content. I don't want that to wear off. I fear it wearing off! The good news is that talking about your fears is the first step to overcoming them...Here's hoping!

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