Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Number 6: Every woman has the love life she wants.

6)      Sound off on the quote “Every woman has the exact love life she wants”
So we're at it again. My strategy for answering this question is to just start typing whatever pops into my head lol. I literally feel speechless right now though. I'll try to picture someone saying that to me: "Every woman has the exact love life she wants". I'm sure at first I would be like "No. No..." But then I'm conflicted. When it comes down to it I can't speak for every woman. On this statement I can barely speak for myself! I think I have the exact love life that I want. Wanna know why? Because I chose to be single. I could be in a relationship with Mr. Right now (vs mr. Right) if that was what I wanted, but I decided it wasn't. Women are known for changing their minds; they can change what they want or accept in any part of their lives. The love life I want for now is one that includes me and God, me and my family, me and my friends--that kind of love. It's different, but it's the only love I feel ready for right now. Honestly my life (and love life) are what I want for now. 
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  1. What a wonderful, mature way of responding to that statement! I think you are right where God wants you to be!

    1. Thanks for commenting and for that bit of affirmation!

  2. Aww Lizzi I am glad to hear you know what you want and I totally agree with you about what kind of love you want. x


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