Thursday, November 6, 2014

#9. Favorite weird behavior

On one of those "deep-thinking" nights, what better to do than continue the blogging challenge? So far, no one has joined me, but who knows what could happen?

9)      Your favorite “weird/funny single behavior” – Anything you do that is uniquely YOU and that living alone allows you to do.
Okay, number one, I don't live alone. I still live with my parents. This is fine with me, especially seeing what my "weird behavior" is. Let me start with a good defense: I watch a lot of mystery/crime shows and even get into books that are of that genre. My weird behavior is: I refuse to shower when I'm home alone. TMI? Maybe, but I think being found dead in the shower/bathtub is like a "fate worse than death". It is death, but you get the gist. On the unlikely occasion that my mom leaves with the kids right after I arrive home from a workout, I am just so unhappy (and smelly) til she returns. 

Join me in the comments and share your weird single or married behavior (just keep it clean.) 


  1. You obviously have been watching the movie Psycho. The actress that play in the movie, Janet Lee, never took a shower again after that movie. She only took baths.

    I don't like my spaghetti sauce and noodles mixed together. I like my noodles on my plate, then put the sauce on top.

    1. I have never watched that! It's just that too many people think that the bathtub is a good place to put a body.
      Lol! That's kinda different.

  2. I am solo - I do lots of crazy things - I get in my nightclothes and set myself up in bed very early so I can knit during the commercials while watching TV from reclining position.

    1. Rita, because of the kids I can rarely do that type of thing...BUT I would if I could.


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