Thursday, March 27, 2014

Childhood and old journals

So. I really have to get up the nerve to do this because it is so embarrassing, and yet sorta cute (if I may say so myself.) I found a journal entry from when I was about ten years old...I took a picture of it just below for you to read. Honestly, I was laughing and cringing at the same time.

Foreword: On the page before it, I was saying that mom had told me we were going walking around the block, and I didn't want to, this was next...
By the way, mom ALWAYS minded if I didn't make my bed. I was bonkers to write this down as evidence.
Your turn! Pleeeease tell me I'm not the only one with about ten childhood journals! This was semi-normal, right? Clue me in in the comments.

Elisabeth Arona

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New vintage shopper

I've finally come to a conclusion. I must learn how to buy vintage. Surely there is a special technique that only certain people can know though, right?
I did a quick google search on how to identify authentic vintage and out I went to the thrift store. My goal? To find some cute vintage items to sell in my Etsy shop. You see, I have tons of ideas for sewing, but I also get caught up in the alterations, the custom orders, and just my own mind (wow that sounds bad). My main thought process is to make mostly vintage style clothes-very feminine-and even some maternity, but these things take time. So, here it is, my birthday and mom blesses me with her presence and goes with me to the thrift store down the street.
I specifically skipped Goodwill, just because I didn't want a place that charges the same for all like products (i.e. all skirts for 4.96, all books 1.00) and instead shop where all things were individually priced. It seemed more like a treasure hunt that way.
I took all the tips I learned from the internet, and began my search in the dresses. I was amazed that there were so many to choose from. I did use my search engine from my phone also to look up specific brands etc. I ended up buying only one dress though, a size 14 that my mom said they called a "shift dress" when she used to wear them. Honestly I was a bit nervous as a newbie buyer (although long-time admirer) of vintage and didn't want a bunch of stuff that I personally wouldn't wear that I'm trying to sell. As I paid a hefty $2 for my dress (it was like the cheapest dress there) the cashier remarked on how cute it was.
I got it home and tried it on to take pictures in it and realized that I must keep it. It is perfection-remember this is all in the eye of the beholder. I'm on a weight loss journey, and it's a teeny bit snug, but it looks great on my dress form which is a little less well-endowed in some areas than me. 
What are your thoughts? Do you have suggestions as a seasoned vintage shopper? 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kitchen pet peeves

Where there is a family living together in a house, there are some things done in the kitchen that drives the one semi-sane person in the family a little crazy. Here are my kitchen pet peeves:

  1. When there is a food or beverage in our home, it doesn't matter who eats the majority of it...whoever eats the last of it, is the one who is said to have "eaten it" and are given the stink eye. I think that's so lame. This is where the second pet peeve comes in.
  2. You grab the family sized bag of potato chips out of the pantry only to look inside and see that there is hardly a handful of crumbs. This is a tactic to keep people from saying that "all" the chips were eaten by whoever had the last helping. Now, you have to decide whether to eat them and take the fall or leave them and make someone else mad. 
  3. Now, if I were going to go with only three, this would be the last. Empty containers posing as full ones. Why are there always cracker boxes with no more crackers? Egg cartons with no eggs? Was it that hard to throw them in the compactor or trash? 
  4. Covering Tupperware containers with saran wrap is like a sin in my book. Either find the top for the container, use foil to cover it, or put it in a container the plastic wrap will really stick to!
  5. Picking the best part out of any dish. Unlike some people, I enjoy leftovers; however, I don't enjoy going to eat a dish that is supposed to have rice, sausage and pineapples in it, and finding only rice. 
So okay, I let that out. Tell me: What are your kitchen/food pet peeves?

Elisabeth Arona