Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday intros

I believe there is this thing on instagram called "Follow Friday" or "Friday Introductions"; don't quote me though, because the last couple of years have found me much less cool and in-the-know online than I used to be. Anyway, I am going to tell you a little about me, and you (all two of you) can tell me something about you.

This is me. Except, now my hair is shorter.

I am co-parent of sorts, home-school teacher, and adopted sister to two girls M and A. I enjoy being an over-involved auntie to the two nieces and one nephew that live locally, and just wish my other two nieces were nearby also. I am enthusiastically involved in my church as a Sunday school teacher, events coordinator, choir member, and well, whatever-needs-doing doer (our church is small.) Reading, singing, and chocolate are some of my favorite things. I struggle often with being much like a mother without actually being one, and therefore not fitting in with either the mom groups or the typical single girl groups. At the beginning of the year I got my business license and am giving starting a business a real try. It's hard with all that keeps me busy these days, but not impossible! 
So, that's a little about me...And now it's technically Saturday lol. 

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