Sunday, March 13, 2016

Merciful heavens

I've come to realize that I'm often the last person I'm understanding with. 
Sometimes I fuss at my sisters (almost always regarding schoolwork), and I complain about people I have to work with in church or life in general; eventually though, I find a reason that I can go easy on them. I don't do that for myself...Or I rarely do. 
    There is a song by For King and Country that talks about God's mercy. It says, "Your mercy is relentless." Almost always, that song makes me tear up. I find it so hard to forgive myself for imperfections. It is almost unfathomable with my expectations for myself that I should be given mercy. I know better! I was careless! I shouldn't have...And yet God relentlessly seeks me out. 

He chases after me when I'm running to fix a mistake, "Elisabeth, don't forget mercy!" 

He whispers to me when I'm hiding my depression behind a book, "Have you read about my mercy?" 

As I pray for all the things in the world that need fixing, he replies: "Let's have a conversation about you, I need to remind you about mercy." 

So while you're going about your life and wading through the crazy, don't forget to give yourself a little mercy. 


  1. Hi Lizzi-nice to see you again-I miss you-what else are you up to?love this message-that's who he is-we are so blessed.

    1. Hi Rita! I miss you too sweet lady! We are indeed blessed.


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