Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Saving money like a momma

First of all, let's get one thing straight.
I love saving money.
It's kinda like a hereditary thing. I went to yard sales and thrift stores before it became something amazing to do on tv. The sale rack is my first "department" to visit in a store. There is no shame in my money-saving game. Now that I've gotten carried away a little, behold these adorable boots I bought for my niece. Normally $30, I bought them for just over $8. The best part? BabyGirl (niece in question) wears a couple sizes smaller right now, so by the time winter rolls around she should fit right in them. This whole thought process proves that my brain is turning into a mommy brain as much as I fight it. My sister and I claim clothes to stay over our respective houses like we share custody of her children. I usually end up getting the raggedy play clothes, because they spend so much time outdoors here, and the nice new clothes mysteriously end up back at their house. 

Fast forward to today. I went to Goodwill Thrift Store to buy a top for A's Easter outfit. I wandered to the back and found some fabric bundles! This is the first time I've actually found any of these in a second-hand store. I thought it was like a unicorn that everyone but me managed to discover. I love two of the fabrics that came in this bundle, and it was $9! They're both 2+ yards. I'll figure out what to do with the others. 

What are some recent purchases you've made that left you feeling like you got the best deal in the world?  


  1. Lizzi, I miss the picture of you on your blog. You made an awesome score at both the thrift store and wherever you bought the white boots. You're getting good "mommy " training with all your nieces and nephews, not to mention ManMan, et al before there were any nieces and nephews. Put your blog on the castteam blog blitz. Can't promise any comments though.

    1. I put it on. I just redid my blog, but not expecting overnight views...or comments.

  2. A favourite Etsy shop of mine recently had a clearance; all clearance items would go for only the price of shipping. Now I am waiting impatiently for my new tops to arrive!

  3. Thrifting and saving money is one of the best feelings -- great job! And great finds. I love the fabric and the boots.


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