Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sowing Seeds

A little over a week ago, my mom and I took some egg cartons and began to fill them with dirt. Several packets of vegetable seeds had just arrived in the mail, so I was excited to plant them. I am not known for my ability to keep plants alive, but I'm great at growing seeds. This year we're planning to have all kinds of veggies and have even been allowed to plant at a friend's house! I read each instruction carefully before sprinkling them into the dirt, covering them, and soaking their new homes with water from a spray bottle. These moments are the ones I love with my mom, because playing in the dirt is her thing; that I enjoy it too a this stage is what makes it special. I think every girl secretly wants to share her mom's hobbies.
A few days ago I noticed tiny plants nudging their way out of the dirt, specks of green were just barely discernible at the surface. At this point you couldn't really tell what they were, but by the next morning they were actually little plants. The squash were the biggest, and I watched their container and encouraged their speedy growth with elation. My mom's seeds didn't fare so well. She thinks that the seeds were old, or not stored correctly. Her disappointment only lasted momentarily, because she will find more seeds, and plant them and try again.                         

It's the same way with children. I was discussing schoolwork with a friend yesterday who isn't home-schooling her daughter, she mused that she needed the deadlines that the school set to stay on track. I told her that the online school we used for the last two semesters wasn't for us right now. When she expressed regret, I told her it was okay; I'm coming to the realization that everyone is different and much of parenting or teaching in my case, is about figuring out what works. We sow seeds into the minds of children, and expect that the correct "plant" will grow out of it. When the seeds don't grow, hope is not lost! It could be the wrong seeds, the wrong soil, not enough water, the wrong season, or any number of factors. We change things and try again. If we are in tune with the needs of these little minds that we are responsible for, it will turn out okay in the end. On a personal note, the girls did enjoy their online schooling for the most part (two subjects for each, read about that HERE) it took too much time away from other things I want them to accomplish. I also feel that much of my angst during the school year is from when we take some alternate learning time, and then they get behind online. Anyway, I'm signing up again for nature pal exchange, and my little nephew will be learning about planting seeds--so nature studies are fully covered lol. To close, here is a picture of my squash taken tonight.


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