Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tale of Tanger

I'm doing my best to blog more consistently. Even when I don't want to.
Today was long. So. Long. The main gist of it is that I spent the first part of the day at Tanger outlet wearing Buttercup, and watching Baby Girl and Mikey. At least there happened to be some festivities involving food trucks, sidewalk chalk, and free stuff there. Baby Girl ate chalk, and got it all over her face.
Several people told me what wonderful children I have. Buttercup fell asleep, I got food from the food trucks, and my sister even showed up (sheepishly happy) when it was time to go! After getting back to the house and leaving the teens to babysit the babies, we went grocery shopping --AT TWO DIFFERENT stores. I only went to the fabric store for some thread, and to get some gas for the car after that. A little talk with dad, an epic sandwich, another movie with the girls, half a baby dress finished for my shop, and my day is drawing to a close. 

I'm really really trying to appreciate the time I have with those I love. I want to look back on the negative things like traffic and babies arguing in the backseat as little blips on the amazing pages of my life. Sometimes it's difficult, and sometimes I just have to focus. 

Tomorrow I will be sleep deprived for Sunday school, but it is a privilege to serve God. It is a blessing to be around sweet young souls once a week. I hope your coming week is awesome. My birthday is under a week away! 
Mikey this morning after eating some "honey toast".

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