Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The little things (people)

I've had a rough week y'all. A rough month if I'm honest. I'm not sure if this is what growth or progress feels like, but it's hard and painful and stressful. When I got my business license in the end of January, I thought everything would fall into place. Suddenly I would have time. Instead, suddenly I became inundated with questions, requests, and responsibilities. I'll spare you the majority of the details, but two weeks ago my mom got sick and she remained down for two weeks. Today she is finally showing signs of improvement and I am coming up for air.
Today was not spent in the way my to do list demanded, but was instead filled with baby cuddles and kid-chasing. My mom was seen by the doctor, so my sister left her children with me and I struggled (and had a cookie from chick-fil-a and a second cup of coffee with extra cream and chocolate syrup in it to prove it.) But the smiles from my niece! The solemn statement from my almost-four-year-old nephew that he needed to put his gum up so his sister wouldn't get into it. The fact that my only nephew hadn't yet learned to sleep alone and currently has a hand flung across my forehead as I update my blog on my phone.
These things, little things, little people make me okay. Throughout my adulthood I've been blessed with little humans that are extra special. I don't always stop and appreciate them, but I try.

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