Monday, March 6, 2017

Visions of grandeur and homeschool reality

I'm a night owl. I get a burst of energy at night similar to a hamster. 
Now that I think about it, maybe that's why I liked having hamsters so much as a kid. 

Anyway, what I also have, are visions of grandeur. Big plans. Confidence in success. All mostly at night! I go to sleep with my mind racing with all the wonderful ideas of things that will get done. I'll wake up with the birds and get Monnie and Nece started on their schoolwork pronto, and when they finish after an hour of committed work (yes, my unrealistic expectations do include them too), we'll start on all the creative and extra-curricular work! 

What really happens is that I wake up at 8 AM tired and drowsy from falling asleep at around 2 AM. I'm not a morning person, so I doze back off and get up at around 9. By this time, the girls are already doing their schoolwork-more or less-in between talking and arguing intermittently. I realize I have to run some grown-up errands, and so I head out with instructions for them to really concentrate and finish (because I'm still kinda excited about last nights plans.) I start looking for my shoes, and it takes 30 minutes, because I can never find my shoes...And when I find them in Monnie's room I'm very upset at the wasted time. In dire need of the coffee that I'd planned to pick up while I'm out, and the "hungry Elisabeth" attitude I fuss at my younger sister who has the annoying habit of looking at me blankly when I'm instructing her. I leave the house grouchy, turning on Christian radio in the car hoping some Jesus time is all I need. 

I feel better when I get back home an hour later, but the girls are still doing their schoolwork with minimal progress! They're requesting to listen to audio books while they work (like I ever say yes,) and slouching in their chairs. Someone help me! I'm quickly losing my creative drive already! So I let them know I'm not in the mood to wait forever, and sit down to post a blog, because sometimes the best idea is to change your plan if it's not working. 

What shall we do today? Nece is learning about reflected lights and lenses and things in her science so I was planning on some flat lays. It may take a little longer, but I sure hope we get to it!

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