Thursday, March 2, 2017

Working out and acne

So FYI, I finally bit the bullet and started back working out. I just finished up my third week! 
Oh my gosh. It was harder than I thought.
Just a little more information than anyone ever probably wants to know, (so skip this part if you want) but I started off working out so hard that first week that I started my period and my face started working out! So you know that specifically for girls with PCOS, adrenaline turns into stress, and stress creative HAVOC in our bodies. Other than walking around that first week like a 110-year-old woman, I honestly do feel better physically. I'm struggling a little being back in my old class, because instead of being the one that goes the extra mile-or extra push-ups, I'm the one in the beginner side barely making it.

I haven't forgotten about my photo project, but it is really hard to take pictures of my acne-ridden face. I'm finding that fear is something that has to be conquered over and over again. I hope it gets easier, but so far it hasn't...And yes, that is in spite of there being a very small amount of people actually seeing/reading this blog. 

If you have words of encouragement, or even need some yourself, please please comment and say something! 


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